Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the keening

when i came into this chamber,
i felt the vibrations before i heard the whispers,
it was a room where mourners chanted and wailed their broken hearts' emotions,
o'er the losses of their loved ones.

it was a room for keening.

the vibrations (or echoes) came after i sat still and noticed how silent the still air was,
i had not been in a space so quiet ever before and it immediately made me slip into a dream.
eyes half closed, a vision entranced my consciousness.
i was in this room, in this time but i crossed a barrier that separated times.

the room suddenly felt full. there were others here with me, sitting, standing, pacing, whispering, chanting, moaning, sobbing, keening...

i felt separate from them, disconnected from their individual sorrows, and i could not really see them, but i felt them. i gathered that they were not aware of my presence though, certainly, because they were not real. i'm not psychic, nor am i crazy. i'm just sensitive to energies that have been.

i felt like i could sit here for ages it was so comforting, this missing, this loss of the beloved...

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