Friday, January 28, 2011

twelve word/twelve lined poem

everybody in class was asked to supply one of their "favorite sounding" words. there were about 25 total words supplied. then we were instructed to choose 12 of those words. after that we were told to write a 12 line poem using all of the words that we selected. the teacher said that it was okay to "break the rules". below are the 12 words i chose, and my first draft of my 12 line poem. i don't think there are 12 lines, and some lines have more than one of the words.

1. effervescent
2. Worcestershire
3. galluses / gauloises
4. defenestration
5. enamored
6. indescribable
7. titillating
8. gadfly
9. wrath
10. Tsar
11. chartreuse
12. funerary
_ _ _ _
my feelings for you earlier were effervescent, but now they are indescribable...

sort of like a Tsar in a Russian bazaar where the starving masses have rioted for more bread.

he smoked all of his Gauloises and let down his galluses, but the fuses have all been lit. it's V For Vendetta Day for the Soviets.

you once enamored me with festoons of your idiosyncratic chartreuse, hand-painted balloons.

it was a game you said, it was titillating after making love at noon.

but now i'm just a buffoon, a gadfly that's had too many drinks.

i can't remember if this is Worcestershire or Cameroon...

if i could mete out the wrath inside of me i would defenestrate your entire family.

the funerary rituals required would choke the life out of time.

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