Saturday, January 29, 2011

works in progress... new mind stretching it's legs.

ok, so i'm not a poet. not yet. i really don't know how to do this and am only going to learn by trying, right? i'm more of a blogger than anything, so that is what i am going to do here. blog my efforts. show things in development. show ideas. show flops. i'll show good stuff too. just check my entries tags so you'll know how i grade what i wrote.

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dead rockers

i had a dream that some old dead dudes wanted to start a rock band

i mean, they were hanging out in time and saw what was going on in the future, and said "hey,
let's make something new”, so here's how it went down

Paul Revere wanted to play guitar, and it had to be electric
so he said to Ben Franklin "figure a way to plug that kite and key in for me,
i need to ground my sound"

Nietzsche had been listening to the goths, and tried to hide his smile
about the burning of churches in Norway,
he existentialized his emotions and penned a rock opera, named it “My Wall”

Bach stirred from his sleep and chimed in, “I've been hearing rumblings in my dreams
about synthesizers and Hammond organs,
if you book Carnegie Hall, pencil me in”

William Blake wanted to design costumes and met with Monet and Van Gogh
to discuss color schemes,
we'll do the light show” they interjected.

(personal notes: this is not finished, but i'm not sure i even like it. it was just spontaneous thoughts/ideas after i woke up this morning. first thoughts that came to me.)

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