Tuesday, August 30, 2011

au moins nous sommes à nouveau ensemble

can you remember what it felt like then, 
when we had bodies?
when we struggled to be lovers and walked
 together on the earth above?
no, you can't, can you. you lay there next to me
in your casket - just inches away from me
and it's as if i never existed to you.
you are more quiet now than you were
when you were angry at me when we were alive
and you'd storm away from me in a fury, 
shouting "you just don't understand!"
i wanted to though. i wanted to understand you.
i wanted you to know that i wanted to.
but that last day 
(oh humans, realize you never know when that last day will be
- so be kind to your people)
you insisted on keeping your fury
and you walked away that one last time, 
never to look into my eyes again where the
glimmer of my desire to understand you flickered.
and i came here and sat above you for years after you died.
so many years.
i still tried to reach you with my heart.
and you still refused to hear me.
beside you i lay,

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